About Us

The University of Regina Chapter of Engineers Without Borders, is part of the international non-profit organization Engineers Without Borders Canada. The goals of EWB are: promoting sustainable development in Rural Africa, advocating improved foreign policies, and educating and engaging others. We do all these using a systemic based approach because we believe that if change isn’t systemic, it isn’t change at all.

Meet Us

EWB Regina members come from a wide range of backgrounds. Our members range from engineering to arts, education and science students. You do not have to be an engineer to get involved!

What We Do

EWB Regina is active in promoting change through:

  • School outreach sessions to educate young people in Saskatchewan.
  • Fundraising events.
  • Community outreach and awareness activities.
  • Sending EWB ambassadors overseas every summer.

How to Get Involved

You can get involved in EWB Regina by either emailing us, coming to an event, or donating to the cause.


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